1982, Born in Haifa, Israel

2011, B. Des in Industrial Design, Graduated with honors, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 

2011, Opened Design & Art Studio, Kibbutz Lohamei Ha'Gettaot, Israel.

Exploring and researching the world of the line.

Photo by Lior Horesh

As a young child, Koby Sibony began to play with thin copper wire, bending and shaping it with his hands. In 2003 he discovered a 1 mm thick metal wire which he continues to use to this day. In some of his work you can find electronic parts and other collected, discarded objects. His tools consist simply of pliers, a cutter and his hands (no welding or soldering tools are used). 

Sibony identifies himself a “Designer/Maker,” and considers his creations to be located on the border between art and design. While some of his creations have a specific function--such as a transistor radio or a light fixture--some are purely artistic while others are representational. For much of his work, nature is a main source of inspiration. 

He is a graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem (2011) with a degree in Industrial Design. 

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Exhibits & Events

Solo Exhibits

January 2018 | ‘Gulgalta,’ SAGA Gallery, Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: SAGA Gallery

April 2017 | ‘Clearing Path Lines,’ Kupferman Collection House, Kibbutz Lohamei Ha’gettaot, Israel. Curator: Yona Fisher

Sept. 2015 | 'Depths,' Hakatze Center, Nahariya, Israel. Curator: Lee Rimon

June 2015 | 'Series and Orders,' Apter–Barrer Art Center & Gallery, Ma'alot Tarshicha, Israel. Curator: Noga Migdal 

March 2013 | 'One Millimeter,' Hanita Museum, Kibbutz Hanita, Israel. Curator: Miri Elzon

Group Exhibits


‘Dear Diary,’ Beit Meirov, Holon, Israel. Curator: Guy Morag

‘Hshuma,’ The Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Sharon Toval

‘The Space in Between,’ Musrara, The Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Vered Ganchurw


‘Craftsmanship in Art,’ City Gallery, Kfar Saba, Israel. Curator: Meira Perry Lehman

‘Violent Object,’ Vitrina Gallery, HIT - Holon Institution of Technology, Holon, Israel. Curators: Shira Keret, Itay Laniado

‘Repositioning,’ The Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Alon Razgour

‘Sound,’ Israel Design Museum, Holon, Israel. Curators: Anat Safran, Lila Chitayat

‘Other Animals,’ Library and Memorial Center in Kiryat Tivon, Israel. Curator: Yael Friedman

‘Serial House,’ Beit Uri Zvi, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Jacob Alive McMillan

'Overview,' Israel Design Museum, Holon, Israel. Curator: Maya Dvash


'What Big Eyes You Have,' Royal Beach Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Merav Rahat, Sharon Toval  

'Creative Roughness,' Contemporary Israeli Design exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. Curator: Alon Razgour

'Tower of Babel,' The Schema Projects Gallery, Brookline, New York. Curators: Doron Polak, Givatayim City Gallery, Israel & Trebisonda Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Perugia, Italy

'Fresh Paint, Contemporary Art & Design Fair-Fresh Design Section,' Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Ifat Gurion

'No Man Desires Them,' Givatayim City Gallery, Israel. Curator: Riki Manor


'Bread and Roses,' Shenkar Art Department, Ramat Gan, Israel

'Award Winning Exhibition,' Ha'Hanut Theater | Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Four'n'Five

'The Street Wears Art,' Dizingoff Street, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Hava Shomer and Yona Harel

'Along the Lines of Imagination,' Helen J. Haft & J. David Haft Hall, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel. Curator: Sara Rayman Shor


'Broken Bids,' Ben Guiron University, Bear Sheva. Curator: Professor Haim Maor

'Doing now,' Mercaz Einav, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dalia Idisis 

'Recycle Course,' The Edge Gallery, Nahariya, Israel. Curator: Lee Ramon


'High Gear,' Hava Gallery, Holon, Israel. Curator: Elinor Gvili 

'Tzeva Glili (Galili Paint),'  Art Event, Hatzor Ha Glilit, Israel. Curator: Tali Ben-nun 

'Six Windows,' Arena Compound, Hertzeliya, Israel. Curators: Four'n'Five

'Lights and Shadows Games,' Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem. Curators: Ido Bruno and Dea Brookman

'Monkey Business,' Fresh Paint, Contemporary Art & Design Fair - Fresh Design Section, Tel Aviv, Israel

'Suspicious Object,' The Museum of The History of Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Curator: Tal Gur

'Conducting Material,' Lohamei 'Ha'Getaot Gallery, Kibbutz Lohamei 'Ha'Getaot. Curators: Yuri Katz & Asia Dublin

'Sandbox,' Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Tal Gur


'Radio Transistors,' Art for Thought Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo. Curator: "Art for Thought"

'Rafsoda,' Ginza Quater-Art, Design, Fashion, Music Event, Tokyo, Japan. Curator: Anat Safran

'Right Here Right Now,' Four'n'Five Design Group Studio, Jaffa, Israel. Curators: Four'n'Five

'Accessible Art Fair,' Art & Design Event, Jaffa Antique Museum, Israel. Curators: Designspace

'Transparent Light,' The Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Ezri Terezi


Jerusalem Design Week - Industrial Fever, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Tal Gur

'Ocean Parts,' Graduation Project wins third place in the "Green Project" contest by Shikun & Binui Company

'Thinking Hands,'  Bezalel  in Milano Design Week, Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy